XO Magazine accepts a limited number of submissions on a rolling basis in the form of art, design and fashion photography. Our submission guidelines can be found below. Please shoot all submissions over to infoxomag@gmail.com. 

XO produces 2 publications: The Issue and the monthly EDIT; as well as an online presence.  Most submissions will be considered for the online presence, unless we deem otherwise.

Our Issue returns a hardcover biannual in 2015.

To submit: 

If you have a story you feel fits an issue:

1 Shoot us a email with the chosen theme as the subject line.

2 In the email include a link/preview of a few images showcasing the shoot and a little info about your self.

WE ONLY PUBLISH NON PUBLISHED WORK. Please keep that in mind, if we see the same editorial in another magazine, before our issue launches we retain the right to pull it from the issue.

If you want to shoot an editorial for us based on a theme for the issue:

1 Shoot us a email with the chosen theme as the subject line.

2 In the email include a link to your work and a brief description of your idea for the shoot.

3 We would like to be involved with the casting of the model for the shoot, so show us a few options of the girls/guys you had in mind and we’ll discuss. We greatly support and enjoy VARIETY. Use of ethnic, plus sized, or visually “unusual” model or talent will push your submission to the front. 

4 If we want to move forward with your idea we will email you and let you know.

5 Pull letters are only given out for confirmed, commissioned shoots and at the Editor’s Discretion.

6 Once confirmed if your shoot isn’t in by the deadline (unless otherwise discussed) IT WILL NOT BE FEATURED.


Magazine Articles

Please submit written articles, or book excerpts (non-fiction only), in MS Word or Mac Pages to infoxomag@gmail.com.


1.Submissions should be original ideas concerning fashion, music, or culture.

2. Please send us final drafts of all writings, while we may edit  pieces with repeated spelling/grammatical errors will not be excepted. 

3.All submissions must be free of copyright from 3rd Party. XO Magazine should have the assurance of international exclusivity in perpetuity including print & web (except personal portfolios) for all submissions.

XO Magazine Online

XO Magazine Online is an important revolving component of the XO  brand and will include editorial, videos, articles, playlists, live music reviews and artist bios. In between our print issues we publish handpicked, carefully edited online content monthly. We are specifically looking for videos, artwork and editorials.  


Terms and conditions

1  Free/extra copies: XO Magazine does not provide free or extra copies of the print issue just because your work is featured. We are a young magazine and there just isn’t enough money to send out copies to every contributor, label, pr house, agency etc. We will however provide you with a digital pdf copy and alternative rate for purchasing issues.

2  Submitting your story in XO gives us the exclusive publishing rights. Other than your personal use, images will not be allowed to be used in any other magazine, book (unless it is your own, showcasing your work), or any other printed media. If you are using the images for a blog/site you must link back to XO Magazine.

3  XO Magazine remains the right to pull your story if images are published (be it your personal Facebook,twitter or site) before the issue is published. This does not include outakes. Outtakes/sneak peaks are fine, they just cannot be the confirmed images for the issue.

4  All costs/expenses of your shoot are at your own risk, please do not partake or commission a shoot in our name unless you can afford the loss, should it happen.