Looking for a summer album? Well we found one for you! Get ready to add ’New Young Electric’ to your playlists. This 13 track album comes straight from the Edmonton band, The Fight. Their debut LP is deffinetly nothing that you’ve heard this year. It’s raw, it’s emotinal, it’s a group of guys who have put all their sweat and talent into one album to share with the world. You have to give The Fight credit for going outside the box and giving us a relaxing smooth selection of songs to choose from, we promise you’ll probably have 13 favorites. Songs like ‘Disconnected’ and‘Song For Jae’ give the album a touch of an old rock n roll feel with a modern twist. ‘Fortunes’ is also another favorite from the album, it will serve as a pick me up anthem for the summer for anyone going through a struggle. We warn you though, it’ll be hard not to want to fall in love with these guys with lyrics like, "If you need a shoulder, I’ve got you covered," and "You’re a diamond, you’re a diamond." So, whether your going through a summer break up, searching for inspiration, or just looking for a new band to stalk, The Fight will have a little bit of everything for you in ‘New Young Electric.’