Creativity Lit up a Fuse

-Amrit Gill- for Xo Mag

Last night I finally was able to watch the documentary created by Fashion Television for Jean Paul Gaultier. This man is absolute brilliance. It’s touching seeing how kind hearted he is. He broke barriers not only for other designers but for models, his runway has had the most eccentric and memorable faces. In all honesty not one designer in the 90’s would have cared about a model that was bald & tatted on the head, but HE DID. I applaud him for not giving a crap about the unspoken guidelines. I also found out last night he had started out working for a man who help build the foundation for Fashion, Pierre Cardin. I’ve always looked at Pierre’s work with a sense of intrigue, especially lately. I really think that Gaultier couldn’t have gotten a better supporter from the start. Gaultier you are the epitome of creativity. I can’t even comprehend how much respect I have for a person who’s mind churns imagination.