Group Love’s Debut album ‘Never Trust a Happy Song’ is a colourful upbeat poppy fun indie album that is perfect for a road trip or serving as the background music to an epic meet up with friends. While these types of bands aren’t anything new (see Foster the People, Hockey, Funeral Party) Group Love separates themselves from the rest with their energy, and the delivery of their sing song lyrics. The album’s opener ‘Itchin for a Photograph’ starts of slow and chill with cheerful hand claps in the back ground which build up to the chorus, which is a nice touch. The album’s standout track is ‘Tongue Tied’ a perfect indie pop song with sing song vocals, a memorable chorus, a mash up of male and female vocals and the band’s high energy delivery makes for a perfect Live performance song. While this album sounds of all sunshine and rainbows. Lyrically there are some typical use of words that set up the atmosphere for the song such as Naked Kids’ (Top rolled down…bunch of Naked Kids running round: pretty much typical archetypes for a carefree youthful summer) but we for a debut album, that can be excused. The band has done an amazing job and we encourage you to take a listen. 

Stand out tracks include: Tongue Tied, Naked kids, Chloe, Cruel and beautiful world


Never Trust a Happy Song was released via Atlantic Records September 13th 2011 and is available on itunes now.