MUSIC | 'I Like It Loud' - Carmen Electra



Its been awhile since we, the general public (or at least the public interested in pop/electro music) have heard from actress/performer/eternal bombshell Carmen Electra about  anything music related since well...those tracks with Prince (!!!) from the early 90s when really we were all gobbed up on Britney, Christina etc. Well a few years (20) and scary movie or two later Carmen has released 'I Like It Loud'.  And we must say its actually good. Great even, which let me tell you is kind of surprising. Produced by Bill Hamel, who’s worked on tracks for everyone ever (Seriously: Depeche Mode, New Order, Marilyn Manson, Michael Buble, Seal, Enrique Iglesias, Paramore, Ne-Yo, Rihanna, Madonna, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake- lets just say he's all over the spectrum) the track actually sounds like a top 20 hit that the young guns these days would be blasting all over the radio. The key aspect about this track isn't it's pulsating beats, the mixed vocalizations (switching from a fergalicious delivery to a splash of Azealia Banks sass to a signature sexy girl tease) its the lyrics contained in the breakdown midway through the song:

Boy you make me so hot hot. Hold my glass up down one more shot shot. See me getting dizzy right on the spot spot. I can be your little sex pot. Get your camera out Instagram us. before you kiss off my makeup, slip into the photo booth for a makeout. You like that Lana Del Rey pout.”

No only is it delivered great, it wisely keeps us up to date name dropping and pop culture snapping in the most tasteful way. Not to much, not too delusional. Its just good, which is great.  Pop on away Carmen, hopefully the video treatment won't ruin the song.