MUSIC | 5 Minutes with…Childhood

XO Magazine sits down with the ungoogable, yet amazing music makers Childhood and talk about the internet and music. 

You guys are a very hard band to find info on which kind of makes you guys even more endearing. Have you guys set out to sort of keep this anonymity in the age of knowing exactly what people are doing the moment they do them (ie through twitter, facebook updates etc) 

Yeah, we actually met at an anti-internet convention within our university in the midlands. After chatting about music I (Ben) took Leo out for some Dim-Sum and discussed the possibility of going into business together in the music industry. It was settled. We would call ourselves childhood. Not caring about whether or not we had an internet presence, if anything we didn’t want one at all. However it is only recently that we have come to realize the positive spiritual energy of the world wide web and now we embrace it with open arms.

 When you guys were first creating music, did you have any key influences or ideas that inspired you? 

Sleep paralysis, the certainty of extra-terrestrial life, music that bypasses the ears and hits you straight in the brain. Things of this nature…

What is your creative process like? 

Me and Leo write the songs. He’ll come up with an idea (usually on the guitar) and I write the lyrics or develop the music. We demo all or ideas then take it to the band and jam the fuck out!

Your first single ‘Blue Velvet’ is soon to come out, can you tell us about how the song came about? 

Yeah sure! Leo came to me with these chords, after one night of many beers. He was in his pants, I recall. As soon as I heard them the melodies came to me instantly! Then I wrote lyrics for it, which are mainly about false-nostalgia. Like when you go back home and you think you really miss it, but it’s never as good as it is in the memory.

You guys have a few shows coming up, are you guys excited? 

Well we just finished a mammoth tour with the Palma Violets and we are mentally and physically wrecked. But it was the best! We got a small tour with 2:54 tour soon which is gonna be equally as good! 

This issue is our rebel issue, what springs to mind when you think about rebelliousness? 

As of two days ago, I’m banned from ASDA 4 lyf! But I can’t divulge why…;)

Words | Le’Keisha Sims