MUSIC | 5 Minutes With Swiss Lips 

XO Magazine catches up with Swiss Lips while on tour and chat new music, mixtapes and of course more touring.  

Lyrics are a huge part of your music, when you guys are working on songs, do lyrics come easily?

Sometimes they come straight away but others take a lot of coffee and tears.

You guys have been playing a ton of shows, what has that been like for you? 

We love playing live, and we’re getting good enough to be happy about it now.  Japan was amazinnnnnng.

Can you tell us a little bit about your album, what can fans expect to hear off it? 

Big hooks, love songs, hate songs .

You guys also have made a few mixtapes, including ‘Cruel summer’ and ‘New Finds’ what would be featured on your Winter mix tape? 

Anything with Sleigh Bells. We’ll do one for you. 

You guys are also about to go on tour with Bastille, I can imagine your pretty stoked, will you be playing any new songs?

All of our songs are relatively new, but yeah we’re really excited.

Whats next for you guys? 

We’re moving into an old factory in London to do a month of gigs, we’re gonna be putting lots of parties on; we’re calling it the union. You should come.

Words | Le’Keisha Sims