MUSIC | Veronica Falls

When most bands come on to the scene their first album pretty much sets the tone of how people (fans and critics alike) will brand your music for years to come, in the case of London band Veronica Falls, their self titled debut earned them the label of “goth pop". Their new album Waiting for Something to Happen however breaks away from the gothic imagery, and ghostly romances for a more polished, tight knit group of pop gems that definitely won’t make Veronica Falls victims of a “sophomore slump". We got a chance to chat with their drummer Patrick Doyle about WFSTH and their upcoming tour. 


 When you released your first album many critics pigeonholed you in a sort of ‘goth pop’ genre, did you guys set out to do away with that connotation with ‘Waiting for Something to Happen?’

Not really, but I guess you can’t help but let critics affect what you do. I think the lighter feel of WFSTH is most likely down to a shift in confidence playing and writing together. I think this album doesn’t rely on imagery as much as the first album did.

What was the recording process like for you guys?

It was fun, we went back to recording with Rory Atwell, who we did our first ever demos with back when we started.  He understands the band and knows us all so well, it made the whole recording process a lot easier.

 How did the album’s title ‘Waiting for Something to Happen’ come about?

We didn’t name the album until after it was all done and dusted. It just seemed like the right phrase to sum up the feel of the record, I guess. A feeling of inbetween-ness or something.

Do you guys have any favourite songs off the new album?

I think Broken Toy is my favourite. It’s one of the last ones we wrote, but I love the energy of it.

You guys have done some nonstop touring these past couple of months and are heading out again soon, are you guys excited? Any favourite places you like to play?

We’re heading to America at the start of March, which should be really fun. We’ve done enough shows in the U.S to have built a real family over there, which makes it fun to go back each time. We’ll be playing a couple of places we’ve never played before too, so that’s always fun.

Waiting for Something to Happen is being released Feb 12, 2013 via Slumberland/Bella Union.