MUSIC | Fear of Men


English four piece Fear of Men have just released ‘Early Fragments’- a compilation of all of their work thus far. Taking inspiration from philosophy  art and the world around them, Jessica Weiss and Daniel Falvey twist and juxtapose those inspirations and with bassist Robyn Edwards and drummer Michael Miles create beautiful, artistic, dream pop. We chat with Jessica about their new release and venturing to new lands on their spring tour. 

You guys are released ‘Early Fragments´ this week which, which is a reverse chronological collection of your previous singles, how does it feel to have all your work in one place?

We’re really pleased with it, we spent a lot of time designing the physical package ourselves and it looks great! We’re all very excited to have our first release in America too, it’s been a dream of ours for a while.

Why did you decide to arrange the tracks in reverse chronological order?
It just seemed the most logical thing to do to show our progression. the recording styles vary a lot over the record, so we wanted to highlight the idea of the 12" as a compilation rather than tracks that were originally intended to be heard in this collection. I think it works really well as an archive of our releases too.

You guys originally started out as a art school project; were certain elements/works   of  art  some of your early influences?
Yea definitely- influence comes from a lot of different things, for me it’s often what I’m reading about or the art I’m currently enjoying. Dan and I were in Milan a while ago and saw a Egon Schiele exhibition, which was really inspiring. Marlene Dumas, Goshka Macuga, Francesca Woodman are some of my favourite artists. 
 Have you started working on your debut album?
We’re currently about two thirds of the way through it, but we’re taking our time over it as we want to be really proud of it. We hope it’ll be out in the summer.
What are you most looking forward to about releasing music and coming out to the states, we hear you’re playing sxsw?  
None of us have traveled much before so it’s all really exciting for us. I’m looking forward to seeing the desert in Texas and going to some museums in New York, and getting to play to a lot of people who we never thought we’d get to see.


‘Early Fragments’ is out now via Kanine Records