MUSIC | First listen - Kate Nash : Girl Talk

What could be better than spending Valentine’s Day with Kate Nash? With her third studio album ‘Girl Talk’ due to be released on the fourth of March, we were invited to an intimate listening gig of the anticipated album with the British singer. In true Nash form the lyrical content of Girl Talk explores many different moods, many of which we could all relate to (and it seems as if everyone in the room did relate). With not one head or foot left swinging as each track played, it’s obvious that any Kate Nash fan will fall instantly in love with this project. And if you’re not yet a fan you will be after listening to this. Her sweet, quirky personality comes out in each song from Death- Proof to Lullaby of an Insomiac, making the listener feel as though they’ve known Nash for a while. Girl Talk is like your classic girl spill-out-all type album, perfect for those days where you just want to have fun or cry a bit. With a few weeks left until its release you can pre order Girl Talk on iTunes and Pledge Artist. Make sure you buy the album on the fourth of March and follow her on Twitter for updates on what she’s up to @katenash

Words | Mpho Machaka