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XO Magazine catches up with Vlad from NY indie rock band, Born Cages. Hot off the release of their new EP, ‘The Sidelines’ we chat how the band met, inspirations and prepping for their debut album ‘I’m Glad I’m Not Me’
How did you all meet?
Amanda and I went to high school together but didn’t really connect until after we graduated and realized we share the same musical taste and goals. I knew Dave and Steve from playing shows together in the area as kids.
Shortly after forming you guys were kind of thrust into the spotlight. During this time did you know what sound you wanted or what the vibe of Born Cages would be, or did you guys sort of figure it out along the way?
 The complete vision was there from day one. That’s the way my brain works…if I’m extremely passionate about something, I can’t sleep until I over-analyze every last little thing. It’s a blessing and a curse. Our producer Jon Kaplan always makes fun of me for “writing the guitar solo before the song."
Can you tell us a bit about this EP, What did you guys set out to create when thinking about it, were there any particular things that served as inspiration? 
 The EP is an introduction to our full length album which will be out some time this fall. Sonically, I’m trying to create the perfect balance of electronic and guitar music, while singing a message that’s close to me and which I feel strongly about. A lot of us go through the same struggles in different ways, but my goal is to be able to speak to everyone and have them feel like there’s someone there that gets them.
After the release of ‘The Sidelines EP’ you’ll be touring a bit, is there any plans for an album, or will you release another EP?
We’re touring to set up our full length, which will be called “I’m Glad I’m Not Me." The album is about exploring your own different personas…so essentially it’s extremely personal, but written with a slightly mysterious vagueness to it. I think it forces the listener to think artistically and creatively, which is what my favorite songs do for me.
What will you guys personally be listening out too, or looking forward to seeing live this summer?
We’re huge fans of outdoor music festivals. I don’t think we’ll be hitting any of them this summer, but hopefully next year we’ll get to play and hang out with like-minded bands, musicians and fans. When we have some time off, I’m sure I’ll be sneaking into them wherever I can.

‘The Sidelines’ EP is out now via Razor and Tie.

Catch the band on tour:


21 - Watertown, NY - The Flashback Lounge (FREE SHOW) 22 - Syracuse, NY - Lost Horizon Lounge 28 - Brooklyn, NY - Knitting Factory * 29 - Buffalo, NY - The Waiting Room

* w/ Har Mar Superstar

Words | Le’Keisha Sims