EDITORIAL | Ms Mr by Anya Holdstock

Photography Anya Holdstock (www.anyaholdstock.com)

Styling Hannah Oakley (www.hannahoakley.com)

Hair & Makeup Adele Sanderson using Loreal Professional and MAC (www.adelesanderson.com)

Models Rebeca for Models1 and Daragh for D1

Above Daragh is wearing shirt by JENNY SCHWARTZ, chinos by ORSHEL REED. Rebeca is wearing suit by MONKI, shirt by SINEAD DOYLE, shoes by BERNARD CHANDRAN.

Above / Daragh is wearing jacket by ORSHEL REED, trousers by JENNY SCHWARTZ, trainers by TOURNE DE TRANSMISSION.

AboveRebeca is wearing jacket by MONKI, dress by CACHAREL.