MUSIC | Kitty - Barbie Jeep (prod. by Hot Sugar) #tunetuesday

Step one:

Press play. 

Step two: 

Turn volume all the way up. 

Step three: 



With an addictive beat (thank, Hot Sugar for that) and a laid back, coquettish attitude, Kitty’s Barbie Jeep will quickly be shouted out by every girl (and no doubt, a few boys). Not to mention it’s impossible to ignore all the greatness, in the way one-liners here: “The club is full of animals, it’s like I’m walking through the zoo”, “I can be your Nancy. You can be my SId.”, “I don’t really want ya hands in my general vicinity”, even a Harry Potter reference. Might this be an anthem akin to Kelis’ Bossy?

If you can’t dance. (It’s cool, according to the track, she can’t either.) Bop your head. Move something. Make it work. You owe Kitty that much.


WORDS | Moeima Dukuly