MUSIC | #REVIEW - No Ceremony //

Moment music. This is the term I’ve chosen to describe the sounds of Manchester trio, No Ceremony///. Their tracks have a way of syncing perfectly with any given moment. Think of it like scoring a film. When sound blends seamlessly with the surrounding elements, when noise depicts feeling, when simply listening instills a sense of connectivity with your environment. No Ceremony/// has pulled off a genre spanning debut album; which suggests an intentional response to the predictable, contemporary pop and stadium- rock we’ve become inundated with. It’s as haunting as it is beautiful, boundary pushing, yet accessible. You can easily become lost in dance listening to a track like PARTOFME, or completely bliss out to the surreal sounds of HEAVYHOUR or DELIVERUS. The trio recruited the guitar chops of The Pixies, Joey Santiago on HEARTBREAKER, as well as the dreamy vocals of Irish singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow on AWAYFROMHERE. Regardless of the track, you’ll find yourself filled with a sense of drama around every turn. No Ceremony/// can easily be described as enigmatic and mysterious, with an air of intrigue. You may not know the members’ musical backgrounds, future plans, or even their actual names, but you’ve got to respect their musical candor. In an age of mass information (where fans sometimes compete over who knows more obscure details of a musician’s life), I think we could stand to focus solely on the music for a change. I suggest you tuck your ear buds in tight, and allow No Ceremony/// to take you somewhere, anywhere.

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Words | Jordan Bailey