MUSIC | #weheart Rudimental


The UK has long produced some of the greatest electronic acts the world has ever seen. From the time of the underground rave, to today’s stadium-filled house scene, the world consistently looks to the UK for the best and brightest producers of the modern age. Today, our neighbors across the pond showcase yet another groundbreaking electronic act…. Rudimental. This foursome has exploded over the past year, providing some of the most unique and interesting sounds to ever come out of Britain. They’ve developed tremendous success in 2012, with their debut album Home reaching the #1 spot on the UK Albums Chart, as well as two #1 singles (“Feel the Love”, “Waiting All Night”).

Home is unique in that it’s managed to steer clear of the ubiquitous “genre label” by blending everything from Drum and Bass, to Soul, to Jungle. If you really want to get a sense of what this band can offer, their live show is where it’s at. “I think that’s one thing that sets us apart from other dance acts is that we play fully live.”. That’s Kesi Dryden, the keyboardist for the band, and when he says “fully live”, he means it. As an electronic act, they seamlessly mix live keys, drums, and vocals, with digital programming. This is an important element with the band because, as Dryden describes, “I think you’re really able to better understand our album by hearing us live, because you get the feeling, and the emotion, and the soul and that comes from playing live together, as opposed to someone on a computer, sort of playing by themselves.” In an age of digitally focused, popular music, it’s refreshing to see chart toppers focusing on live instrumentation.

The bands success can also be attributed to their past. From their collective roots in the greater London area of Hackney, a place that was once shined upon in a negative light, the boys have made it a point to spread an even brighter light. “We’ve always believed in positivity and working with communities…. and inspiring people.” Dryden says, “It’s a part of our mission”. Take their music videos for example. From documenting the horse-riding youth program of North Philadelphia’s Fletcher Street, to showcasing the hidden optimism within the precarious streets of the Manila slums, they seem to always find a way create something meaningful. Dryden expands on this by saying, “You’ve got 3-4 minutes to show a story, to create something that’s real, to document what’s happening around the world.” It’s safe to say, Rudimental’s story is simple; love, humanity, and positivity.

Visit Rudimental’s website for their upcoming US tour dates.

Words | Jordan Bailey