Blue haired beauty and designer of Her Tiny Teeth accessories, Natasha Creator, expresses herself through handmade bold and daring eyewear, bags, and jewelry that would force any passerby to do a double take and possibly drool on sight. This Los Angeles based brand began as a small solo project for Natasha to project (and of course, sell) her audacious fashion taste to the rest of the world. A year later, she brought on her younger sister, Mariah to help out with the creative process and hasn’t looked back since. She describes her brand as a family business and couldn’t be happier with all of its success and growth since the launch in early 2012. Social media is the main advertisement platform for this accessories brand. With a huge following on Instagram Natasha (@lillipore) promotes her line on her page and also has a separate Instagram for the designs @HerTinyTeeth.






Her Tiny Teeth’s aesthetic is motivated by none other than your quintessential colorful, adventurous, retro-inspired California girl. The collection evokes the ultimate LA vibe and since they ship worldwide, you’ll be able to have a little piece wherever it is you may dwell. As you enter the site, you will see the two sisters modeling these handmade designs with brightly colored mermaid hair (Ariel would die), beautifully done makeup, and a compelling cool girl attitude. There is a variety of shapes and sizes of sunglasses and daring earring sets that any girl would love to choose from. There are options for the glamorous girl, the kawaii kids and even the edgy punk princess.




Not only was Natasha one of the models dancing and looking as cute as ever in Azealia Banks’ music video for single ATM Jam ft Pharrell; but you might even notice her designs worn by all of the girls in the film - decked out in pastel pink, purple, and blue looks accented with Her Tiny Teeth sunglasses and assorted accessories. Natasha’s accessories undoubtedly brought the styling to a whole new level. Needless to say, the handmade creations went perfectly well with the energy of the song and atmosphere. Not to mention, Miss Banks loved her daisy encrusted oversized round frames! But I mean, who wouldn’t? Instant obsession.

Enjoy more at: www.hertinyteeth.com