MUSIC | Satisfaction, Guaranteed (To Put it Mildly)


**WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE BELOW (If you’re prone to be being offended, exit now.)**


WORDS | Lola Odetola


Is it just me or have your “Summer Jams 2k14” playlists been looking more bare than a motherf**ker?

Where are the hits that we can play in the background of our cookouts? Where are the singles that we can bump on our way to the beach while eating popsicles and blasting the AC? WHERE’S THE HEAT TO MATCH THE OUTSIDE SUMMER SWELTER? But wait -  June 10th rolls around and I see my timelines and news feeds going OFF! So much hype regarding Junglepussy’s debut album, Satisfaction Guaranteed. I couldn’t click Vice’s Soundcloud link fast enough.

The music goddesses really blessed us with this one guys. Absolutely unbelievable. Where do I even begin…

She roars in her aptly titled track - ‘F**k Texting’: “I’m the one to throw your sh*t out the windoooow”  .to make things crystal clear, JP is not here to play ANY games. She’s an expressive, impulsive firecracker that the rap scene (and world at large) should welcome with open arms. Not meaning to sound cliché but she defines what a breath of fresh air looks, feels and should sounds like. The excitement that I experienced firsthand and the genuine reactions that I’ve witnessed from others is so positive, there is no doubt about it - everyone can rock with this album.

The entire feeling of the project is RAW. Not at all overly produced, like much of what passes for rap these days.,Junglepussy wants you to actually hear the words that she has to say. There are so many lessons that she’s trying to teach us. I suggest you get out your notepad and a really inky pen to jot them all down. Within her lyrical content there is an overlying motif of bold feminine minded confidence in every song. Satisfaction Guaranteed is a girl’s guide to life, relationships, and loving herself most of which either shocks or makes the listener prone to the giggles. Or many times both! “Like Rihanna forehead - bitch you gotta think BIG” (hilarious) and furthermore she exclaims, “Don’t let me catch you knocked up having a n***as kids!” her delivery may be comical at times but at the end of the day she is clearly passionate about issues of strength and independence. Keeping precious young girls away from the boys that’ll get them into nothing but trouble and steering them towards bright futures. She is not too shy to let a guy know when he’s not doing anything for her. She’s not here for allowing anyone to walk all over her and makes that crystal clear in “Picky Bitch Checklist.” On this track she lays out what she needs in a man. Don’t even bother if you don’t meet the criteria. If you’re not pampering her, cooking for her, or making her the background screen saver on your iPhone you’re wasting your time. She’s demands adoration.

Satisfaction Guaranteed was produced by Shy Guy with a couple of songs collaborated with Mell Masters. The end product delivered a cohesive sound and really allowed Shy Guy showed his impressive range. There are really simplistic beats for tracks like ‘Bling Bling’ and ‘Curve Em’ and a rasta inspired track ‘Mi Nuh Care’, giving the album a dose of Junglepussy’s Jamaican roots. There’s truly something for everyone willing to listen appreciate the evident talent here. This album is in no way inspired by anything currently out but seems to take influences from the Golden Age of Rap and Hiphop – the 90s. Perhaps JP was inspired by her predecessors of Brooklyn past – Foxy Brown and Lil Kim, specifically,  because these songs aren’t your typical radio hits by any means. No matter what the inspiration, Junglepussy has fed our souls and ears with so much heat – it’s clear her future is already ablaze.


[editor's note: As it stands Junglepussy's album is not available for purchase. But you should show love by listening the Soundcloud links below, following her on Twitter and liking her Facebook page. Stay tuned for more.]


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