WE HEART | Pearls Negras' 'Make it Last'


WORDS | Moeima Dukuly I don't need to speak Portuguese. I speak fly.  Fluently.

I've been diggin' on these ladies for quite a long time.  The Brazilian rap trio released a video for their single, "Make it Last" that completely attributes to the girls personality of fun times lined with a favela sub bass and a little pop.

The meatier parts of the video give a vibe of 80s/90s Nickelodeon where neon was king and graphics had that pixelated,  age of Pacman quality.  Outfitted in snapbacks, high waisted shorts, and cropped tops and  jackets adorned with studs, prints and COLOR.  The video seems like a glimpse into the norms of 3 girls from Vidigal - a life that includes funerals and clubbing and music.  The idea that 3 young women from the slums of Rio de Janiero can create music and find joy (and themselves) is uplifting.

I don't  care what they're saying. Give me the good vibes.

Pearls Negras  have a upcoming dates in Lisbon and London.  Show them love.

11/09 – LISBON, PORTUGAL – LUX 13/09 – LONDON, ENGLAND - Birthdays

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbES2hfC5VM&w=560&h=315]