UNDERBELLY | The Other Side of Fashion Week


WORDS | Moeima Dukuly There it is.

The home stretch and the temporary sigh of relief as fashion month comes to a close.

It's all become pretty standard - models, collections, designers, the parties, who's front row. Street style by New York, London, Milano and Paris. Backstage chaos. Photographer's pit.  Been there, seen that. Every season.

But there's always something below the familiarity and the shine of a world like fashion. Documentarian Salome Oggenfuss pokes around at said underbelly, with her film "The Other Side of Fashion Week". Highlighting model photographers driven by a lust of beauty, Oggenfuss follows them onto the streets of Paris and New York. With only 48 hours left - she is incredibly close to raising the funds she needs to expose another side to a world in desperate need of perspective and exposure.

"I find it interesting how photographers use cameras as tools to gain access to a world they do not naturally belong to. They seek connections with other people – in this case, some of the most beautiful women in the world. I wanted to look at the effect that beauty has on people, and make a story that revolved around the human need to belong and connect, and how modern technology plays a part in that. " - as quoted from her Kickstarter.

On her Kickstarter you will find the trailer to the documentary - a film that parts the glittering mist that surrounds the fashion world and the men drawn to women who lie somewhere between hanger, goddess, dreamgirl or mannequin. Obsessed with the hobby of capturing beauty.

XO joins model Kel Markey in promoting and supporting this film - so turn out those pockets to support something we could all use a dose of: a new reality.

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