WORDS | Moeima Dukuly  Flip a coin.

One side gets you simplicity. Pure and sad. The sort of sad that washes over you at any point in time. That 3AM sort of sad from infomercials on animal abuse and/or ever-hungry-ever-in-need-of-clean-water kids from Africa; or just when you order your favorite sandwich just the way like it and walk all the way to find out - nope not at all the way you like it. The world ain't perfect. Cheer up darling, meet Small Wonder. Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Henry Crawford presents what he calls "thoughtful pop" that fills your heart and head, yet empties your soul with the push of the play button.  The beauty here is the sonic sadness is strangely uplifting. Give a listen and never again be alone in your melancholy.


Favorites: Lost at Highway, Until I Open My Wings

The other side of the coin gets you a whole alotta something else. As in the other side of the emotional spectrum for a bit of fun. Albeit a muted sort of fun.

Edith Pop is a New York based band fronted by lead singer Laura Hajek, who is cute as a button and a pint sized jar of lightning. Watching her perform it was clear: I was only getting a tiny part of her energy. Jumping atop well anything nearby she danced, shimmied, rolled on the floor and even gave us a little twerk action. Their synth pop sound leaves me reminiscent of The Blow and Hajek is joined by a drum/bass/guitar combo (Tim Oakley/Miles Lally/Oscar Allen Guinn IV) making this tasty morsel of a band all the more delicious.  Thoroughly entertained the music gets you moving but not necessarily to the point of frenzy. I'd go far as to say Edith Pop is such a tease, getting you so close to letting loose but pulling away right before you're ready to turn things way up. A contained energy yours for the taking - I am starved for more.


Favorites: Shoes and Money