A Hunger For Things Too Bold | WILD BORE

WORDS | Moeima Dukuly  I am not the best swimmer. But when it comes to the emotional pools of life, I do really clever things like dive in and hope I don't crack my head open. Happy Halloween. There's a lot of fake blood that comes with this tale.

When you are lured to a big beautiful home in upstate New York and plied with drinks, exotic meats and a chance to get a little weird with several other remarkable women - you say yes right? RIGHT? Until the other shoe drops and you find out you have to be on camera. And terror washes over you, because you've already said yes and have zero excuses good enough to back out. I'm more a behind the scenes type of gal - that way I avoid the myriad of people who light me wrong or having to awkwardly position myself around height-challenged people. Apparently time heals all wounds. Even the wounds deep neuroses cause.

I just don't know what to do with myself. It's an issue certain women have.

A spirit too big to fit society's mold,

a hunger for things too bold.

Everything just gets old.

So wild. So boring.

I've raved about Wild Bore before and in honor of Halloween, its long overdue for a proper introduction. The self-described desert surf playing, no wave inspired Brooklyn trio is loud and snarling. This is no way for ladies to act. But women with no regard for limits - that's another story entirely.


Comprised of Carly Carbine (drums, vocals), Dani Long Legs  (bass, vocals) and Coco Nasty (vocals, guitar), Wild Bore ensnare you with tracks like Mon Amie, Elise and then spit out your bones with bangers like Eddi Munster, which has a video poised for your viewing pleasure, featuring 8 bloody, flesh devouring vixens. You may even recognize one of them.

[vimeo 110109584 w=500 h=281]

Wild Bore play Fat Baby in NYC on Halloween night. Fans toting fake blood, get extra special love.