MUSIC | Taylor Swift As We Know Her Is Dead


"I'm sorry the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now."


"Oh, cause she's dead." 


Taylor Swift spent all this week alluding to the fact that something new was brewing. From deleting all of her social media posts, to posting mysterious 20 sec videos all adding up to be the image of a fierce snake - the lead up to the release and announcement of her new single Look What You Made Me Do has been entertaining, to say the least. What can you expect with the new Taylor song? A new expanded pop sound (think vintage britney, HSM, and even 80s electroclashing) she's done "Shaking it Off' and is pissed. We were all waiting to see what her response would be to the shit storm of a beating she's taken these past few months, from Katy pretty much basing her whole album promotion around their feud, to Kanye and Kim's drama and the joke/meme of her basically being a snake - all of these things are addressed in the song. The song took a few listens to get into but after the third listen we are on board to see what else Reputation has instore. Listen to Look What You Made Me Do below and let us know what you think!