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Meet Robert Fleming, the multi-instrumentalist and man behind Victory - one of our favourite new acts coming out of LA. We caught up with him hot  off releasing his new album, ‘Victory is Music’, and chat his influences, creating the album and whats next! 
What were some of your main influences when creating the album?
I am always listening to a lot of different styles of music and at any given time I have a few key albums stuck in my head.  For this particular record I was anxious to create a bigger sound, especially after hearing the last two Black Key’s records (El Camino and Brothers).  I also can’t avoid the influence of ‘Speaking In Tongues’ by Talking Heads, an all-time favorite.  I had embraced a more produced sound while I was recording this record as well.

What was your creative process like?

Some songs just came out and I could write, record and produce in a day and others required a lot more patience.  I record alone in my own studio and am always trying out different sounds and ideas without the fear of anyone else hearing the weird stuff that I try.  There’s usually a lot of solo dancing involved as well, which helps with inspiration.  I mainly get to layer everything that I record and try a bunch of different things until the right idea comes out. 

 You released your debut EP in 2011, in between that time and when you started working on the album, did you experiment with different sounds, or have you always known how you wanted your album to sound?

I definitely experimented with some new sounds.  The most obvious sounds are the addition of some serious fuzz-bass and a Hammond Organ.  I also wanted things to sound significantly bigger than my EP and more produced and I was able to get that sound with the help of a legitimate drummer (Joey Waronker) and a fantastic mixing/mastering engineer (Chris Testa).  My knowledge of recording has always been a work-in-progress and this record was a step towards a sound I was shooting for.  

Have you been playing any live shows lately or plan to go on tour this summer?

I put together a group recently and we are just now getting our feet wet in Los Angeles.  We are currently a 3 piece and the sound is pure Rock N’ Roll and very upbeat.  No tour plans now but we are hoping to put something together very soon.

Do you have a favourite song from the album?

My favorite song changes depending on what time of day you ask or how I’m feeling but I have been digging “Woman" a lot recently.  It’s really fun to play live and I like the dynamics of it.  Of course I have heard all the songs so many times now that I’m glad I like any of them at this point! 
Check out the video for his latest single below!

[vimeo w=500&h=375]

VICTORY - “Play It" from Victory on Vimeo.

‘Victory is Music’ is out now via Reserva Records! Pick it up here.

Words | Le’Keisha Sims