LFW | Pam Hogg SS 14

Every season at this time there is electrical storm that surrounds Fashion Scout, The Pam Hogg circus is in town and everyone wants a ticket. Her controversial and mind blowing ethos is highly anticipated every season. The audience is varied, a whos who of fashion characters embracing the alternative. Pams fashion army is loyal and fearless, a force not to be reckoned with. The crowd caused a road block on the streets , a feeling anarchy hung in the air. Once seated the collection began to emerge. The first quarter showcased a strong military woman, canvas fabrics and shapes straight from a nostalgic battlefield. Arm bands of death injected the Pam Hogg touch, and flashes of skin peeked out from the masculine shapes. As we head into the second quarter the latex arrived.

A clean and monochromatic sub section, with clean lines and a sexual air. The taxidermy magpie headpieces lent a dark and noir aspect. As we moved forward the signature Pam Hogg catsuits came to light. As they emerged, a strong 10 look fragment, each one incorporating a slightly different colour palette. The trademark metallic shards remained; they were joined with flashes of candy pink, deep purples and bold yellows. Each look completed with a considerable headpieces, adorned with fake fruits, fake flower displays and even a small wooden box.

The next few looks took a more feminine route, clusters of pretty tule in pinks, white and blue twinned perfectly with a wash of nudity refreshed our palettes.

The lights dimmed and silence fell, emerging from the darkness was a shaking and limping figure, a matt black clutch to steady her, she appeared draped in sheer black tule with flashed of black pvc. As she stumbled down the catwalk we all became characters in the Pam Hogg show, watching on a mixture of excitement and awkwardness.

In stark contrast out of the darkness bounced a beautiful vision, a pirouetting   ballerina adorned in white tule and embellished with flowers. She flew down the catwalk like a swan.

As the show came to an end, my brain struggling to piece together the collection, a mixture of emotions having been stimulated and a dichotomy of looks to understand. Yet that’s just it, perhaps we were never meant to understand it afterall.

Words | Suzie Street 

Photos | Tracy Asslanian